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  1. `New` DR-2300

    `New` DR-2300

    Our Price: $323.99

    The Olympus DR-2300 is designed to enable easy integration in any work environment – no matter if in a doctor or lawyer practice. With four designated programmable buttons on the front, as well as the one on the back, the device can be fully customized, enabling complete systems integration. To provide the most secure and efficient dictation workflow, the DR-2300 offers a barcode scanner (available separately), which enables automatic allocation of voice files to client, case or patient records. Learn More
  2. `New` DR 2100

    `New` DR 2100

    Our Price: $275.00

    The DR-2100 has been designed for prolonged usage, with a smooth and rounded back for comfortable hold, in addition to a carefully considered interface layout featuring a multi-functional slide switch for one-thumb operation. Besides maximum ease of use and efficiency, this device is equipped with a low-noise directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises and ensure the best results in speech recognition and transcription. The DR-2100 is engineered to work best with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software* and delivers perfect results that are more accurate than ever. A powerful and integrated speaker with digital volume control supports a clear playback. Learn More
  3. RS-28 Footswitch

    RS-28 Footswitch

    Our Price: $144.99

    The RS-28 footswitch allows hands-free dictation with DS-5000iD / DS-5000 together with the docking cradle CR-10, or with DS-4000 and DS-3300 together with the docking cradle CR-3A. Using the footswitch, 'Record', 'Play', 'Stop', 'Reverse', 'Save' and 'Create New File' can be controlled. Learn More
  4. Olympus WS-853

    Olympus WS-853

    Our Price: $139.01

    2,043 HOURS OF RECORDING TIME – 8GB MEMORY AND MICRO SD REMOVABLE MEDIA With 8GB of internal memory and 2,043 hours of recording time, you’ll be able to capture notes, lectures, and more – and still have room to store documents. The device also features a microSD slot with the potential to hold up to 32GB of additional memory. Learn More
  5. Olympus WS-852

    Olympus WS-852

    Our Price: $99.00

    Olympus WS-852 4GB Dig Voice Recorder USB Direct storage Learn More
  6. Olympus TP-8  Telephone Pick-up

    Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up

    Our Price: $44.99

    •Telephone pick-up, earphone and microphone in one •Ideal for recording phone conversations •Suitable for mobile phones Learn More
  7. Olympus Smartphone App 12 months subscription

    Olympus Smartphone App 12 months subscription

    Our Price: $149.00

    The Olympus Dictation Delivery Service transfers voice data from a iPhone/Android Via a dedicated server for transcription on your Olympus transcribe software. Learn More
  8. Olympus ME32 Compact Zoom Mike

    Olympus ME32 Compact Zoom Mike

    Our Price: $152.14

    •versatile zoom microphone, ideal for mobile lecture and small meeting recordings •small and leight-weight •on the go, the microphone cord can be put tidily by winding to the microphone stand •The wind screen is supplied to decrease the wind noise Learn More
  9. Olympus ME-52W

    Olympus ME-52W

    Our Price: $58.99

    The ME-52W Noise Canceling Microphone reduces ambient noise Learn More
  10. Olympus ME-12 Microphone

    Olympus ME-12 Microphone

    Our Price: $39.00

    Noise cancelling plug-in microphone Reducing background noises To improve voice recognition application Learn More

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