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  1. RS-28 Footswitch

    RS-28 Footswitch

    Our Price: $144.99

    The RS-28 footswitch allows hands-free dictation with DS-5000iD / DS-5000 together with the docking cradle CR-10, or with DS-4000 and DS-3300 together with the docking cradle CR-3A. Using the footswitch, 'Record', 'Play', 'Stop', 'Reverse', 'Save' and 'Create New File' can be controlled. Learn More
  2. ME 30W Microphone

    ME 30W Microphone

    Our Price: $521.99

    This versatile two-channel professional microphone kit is suitable for capturing quality audio in large conference rooms or even at musical performances. Learn More
  3. E 62 Headset

    E 62 Headset

    Our Price: $75.00

    High quality Stereo headset for your PC. Its extra long cable (3 m) connects to your computer’s soundcard (3.5mm plug) making it a helpful tool for PC-based transcription in busy environments. For extra comfort, two different kinds of earpads (round or conical) are available, to suit your personal preference Learn More
  4. DAC FP-110-USB4

    DAC FP-110-USB4

    Our Price: $395.00

    For use with compute Works with most PC Transcription software 4-function control with NEXT JOB, LISTEN, REVERSE & RECORD USB connector Durable metal shell will withstand years of use Rubber feet keep the foot control in place 9 foot cord Learn More
  5. BR 403 Battery pack

    BR 403 Battery pack

    Our Price: $48.99

    This rechargeable nickel metal-hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack is designed for use with the DS-5000, DS-4000 and DS-3300. Please note: the charging function of the DS-3300 only works with the BR-403 and D-7AC (these come with the DS-4000 and are also available as optional accessories). You will always be prepared with an extra battery and when you are back in the office simply recharge by placing the recorder in the docking station. Learn More

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