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Philips Digital Dictation Solutions & Accessories

Philips Speech Processing offers a complete hardware and software portfolio of professional dictation products; all of them designed to increase your own productivity and that of your entire organization.

Whilst Philips develop advanced digital technology that enables you to benefit from the latest achievements in the dictation area, they also continue to offer a large range of analog devices. Whatever your preferred approach, Philips and PDT Digital deliver the technology you need.

From their office-based desktop dictation to mobile dictation, from conference recording devices to entire workflow solutions, Philips products and solutions support every imaginable scenario. Plus Philips have now made thier great range of SpeechMikes compatible with MAC !

A large variety of high-quality dictation and transcription accessories rounds off thier comprehensive product portfolio.


Desktop Dictation

Convenient and easy dictation from your desk.
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Mobile Dictation

The freedom to dictate on the move.
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Digital Dictation

Embracing the future: efficient, tailored, feature-rich.
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Analog Dictation

A classic: cassette-based, reliable, easy to use.
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Reliable document creation made easy.
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Conference Recording

The compact and easy-to-use solution for all your conference recording needs
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Speech Recognition

Unleash the power of your voice with Philips Speech Recognition software. 
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Original equipment designed to make a difference.
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